Bagged vacuum cleaners VS Bagless vacuum cleaners
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Bagged vacuum cleaners VS Bagless vacuum cleaners

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We all know that vacuum cleaners can be divided into two types: Bagged vacuum cleaners and Bagless vacuum cleaners. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better? Read this article, you will find the one that suits you!


Bagged vacuum cleaners means that there is a dust bag inside the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner is working, all the garbage will be collected in the dust bag. If you have allergies, the bagged vacuum cleaners is better, because you will not come into contact with the dust. Of course, when the dust collecting bag is dirty, we need to clean or replace it on time. The advantages of a dust collector are obvious: it's clean and sanitary. We don't need to do too much cleaning.


Bagless vacuum cleaners refers to that when the dust enters the dust collecting box, most of the garbage will be separated by the rotation of air flow and left in the dust cup. The advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that we don't need to replace the new bag, only need to clean the dust cup when free, which is suitable for you who are busy. However, cleaning the filter is also a hard work, because they need to be washed and brushed together. When you change the filter every year, the money you pay is almost the cost of a year's dust collection bag.


The advantages and disadvantages of Bagged vacuum cleaners and Bagless vacuum cleaners have been introduced to you. Then which is better depends on personal needs. Some families pay more attention to the cleaning of sanitary bacteria and choose bagged vacuum cleaners. Some family time is more tense, everyone is busy with work, is the office worker, chooses the bagless  vacuum cleaners. It's important to fit your needs.

Keep paying attention to us and make your life easier!

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