Clean the filter in time to avoid secondary air pollution
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Clean the filter in time to avoid secondary air pollution

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The first filter inside the air purifier is a pre-filter, which can remove larger particles, such as hair, pet hair, dust... However, long-term use will accumulate a lot of dust, which will affect the air intake and The effect of air purification, so it needs to be cleaned in time.

The pre-filter is usually cleaned 1-2 times a month. When cleaning, you can disassemble the filter and use a vacuum cleaner or a rag to remove dust. If the manufacturer indicates that the filter can be washed,you can do it. Before putting it into the air purifier, please make sure it is dry (you can blow it dry with a hair dryer). 

Filters with HEPA technology can't be washed without specific instructions. Now the current indoor air pollution is serious, the maximum service life of HEPA filters is usually only 3 months or less, which means that HEPA filters need to be replaced frequently.Although the replacement cost of HEPA filters is relatively high, it is more important to create a healthy living environment. 

If the surface of the HEPA filter turns black, to ensure the air filtration effect and health, it is highly recommended to replace it ASAP. If you find that the filter element has turned black after disassembly, or if you touch the filter element with your hand, you can see obvious dust falling off, and it is time to replace the filter element. If you smell bad,it's actually late to change.

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