Do you use your vacuum cleaner correctly?
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Do you use your vacuum cleaner correctly?

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Do your vacuum cleaner HEPA change frequently? Do you use your vacuum cleaner correctly?


Vacuum cleaners have become necessary for our daily cleaning of furniture. Powerful suction and remarkable cleaning effect have become the standard for our daily choice of vacuum cleaners. However, do you really understand the correct use of the HEPA?


First of all, how often is the vacuum cleaner replaced? Generally speaking, the ordinary vacuum cleaner's HEPA needs to be replaced at most one year. Although the filter efficiency of the vacuum cleaner HEPA is very high, at the same time, its blocking speed is also very fast. Although we have cleaned the vacuum cleaner HEPA regularly, we mentioned in the previous article: after long-term repeated use, most of the micro pores of the filter material are easy to be blocked by small particles of dust, resulting in the reduction of filtering effect. Therefore, we can try our best to control the cleaning frequency of the vacuum cleaner to prolong the service life of the vacuum cleaner.


So the question is, what should we pay attention to when cleaning the vacuum cleaner?


After taking out the vacuum cleaner, we can wash it under the tap. Remember not to scrub the surface with a brush or other hard objects, so as to avoid harm to the vacuum cleaner and reduce the filtering effect. After washing, do not put it back into the machine immediately, but wait for it to dry naturally in a dry and cool place, but do not expose it to the sun.


HEPA is easy to deform due to frequent cleaning, so it is not recommended to wash it frequently. If you buy a treasure with a multi-layer filtration system, HEPA will remain clean for a long time, so you don't need to wash it with water too frequently, just tap it gently with your hand, or tap the dust bag / HEPA outdoors, or knock HEPA on the ground until no dust is released.

Keep paying attention to us and make your life easier!

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