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What is HEPA?

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HEPA is a treatable dry type high efficiency filter. It is composed of many fiber mats arranged arbitrarily, so its "gap" is almost invisible, and it can filter out the tiny dust with an efficiency of 99.97%. At the same time, the air permeability is low, so they are made into waves to increase the air permeability area.


Some of the filter materials can also be cleaned repeatedly, but the cleaning methods should be paid attention to, so as to avoid the improper methods leading to the loss of its function. Any filter material has a "life span", that is, after long-term repeated use, most of the micro pores of the filter material are easily blocked by small particles of dust. Therefore, paper dust bags have emerged to solve this headache: disposable after use, sanitary and convenient. The most important thing is that discarded HEPA is environmental friendly and will not pollute the environment.


Of course, no product is perfect. After cleaning the fabric filter bag, the fiber will harden, which will affect the filtration effect and air permeability. SMS three-layer composite filter material is washable, but the air permeability is slightly low, so it is very important to choose the right one for yourself.


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