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  • In daily life, many people use air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and humidifiers, but after a period of use, in the invisible place, these machines will not only lose their function, and even cause more damage to the body.Air purifier filters, it is best to replace once every 3-6 months, if not replace


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  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, many parts of the world are in chaos, and consumer behavior is rapidly changing. More and more people are shopping online. In a short period of time, online shopping will remain the main shopping method for many Americans.We are a professional manufacturer of vacuum cl


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  • According to the different filtering methods, vacuum cleaners can be divided into dust bag filter vacuum cleaner, dust cup filter vacuum cleaner and water filter vacuum cleaner. ●Dust bag filtration: Dust and garbage are filtered through the dust bag in the machine. Using the dust bag as the filter


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  • The first filter inside the air purifier is a pre-filter, which can remove larger particles, such as hair, pet hair, dust... However, long-term use will accumulate a lot of dust, which will affect the air intake and The effect of air purification, so it needs to be cleaned in time. The pre-filter is


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  • We all know that vacuum cleaners can be divided into two types: Bagged vacuum cleaners and Bagless vacuum cleaners. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better?


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