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Replacement filter for craftsman 17912

For use with most 5 gallon and larger vacuums made after 1988
Fits all vacuums that utilize red stripe filter
The filter media is rated 99.97% efficient for fine particles such as allergens and pollens down to as small as 0.3 microns

  • craftsman 17912
  • JS-Y111

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Replacement filter for craftsman 17912

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craftsman 17912




Paper Frame

1.Compatible with all Current Craftsman Dry Vacs 5 gal. or larger. made 1988 and After. Fits all vacuums that utilize red stripe filter

2.Compare to Part # 17912 & 9-17912, Fit for Ridgid wet /dry vacs (6-20gallon)

3.Fits the following models: WD0671, WD0970, WD06700, WD0671EX0, WD1270, WD1450, WD1851, WD1680,WD1956, RV2400A, WD09700, WD0970M0, WD0970EX0, RV2400HF&RV2600B.

4.Includes filter with integrated cap to make installation even simple

5.Filter No.9-17912 fits 6,8,9,12,14,16 and 32 gal vacs with these model numbers 12004, 177000, 177321, 177621, 177800, 177970, 178880, 179281, 179492,12005, 177001, 177330, 177650, 177805, 177980, 178881, 179290,179510, 12006, 177010, 177331, 177660, 177810, 177990, 178890, 179340, 179570,12007, 177011, 177340, 177670, 177811, 178060, 178900,179341, 179590,12008, 177020, 177341, 177690, 177825, 178061, 179042, 179342, 179591,12009, 177021, 177360, 177700, 177830, 178080, 179100,179350


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